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VERBED’s training was very thorough and addressed all my needs. I would highly recommend VERBED to anyone looking to upgrade their PowerPoint design and storytelling skills.

David Pereira
President, Get Lift Agency


Build a Presentation Design Agency



Empower businesses with captivating visual narratives. Lead the way with your own presentation design agency.

Course FAQs

The live course is delivered in real-time, providing participants with the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback along the way. 

Our on-demand course is a series of prerecorded video lessons, available to watch at your own pace. 

Both options provide an excellent introduction to using PowerPoint to wow your audience. 

The live course is designed to condense the fundamentals of PowerPoint down into a handful of impactful lessons.  Participants should anticipate 2.5 hours per week for lessons and another hour to review and implement those learnings.

The on-demand course is available to participants at their own leisure.  The most successful attendees set aside 2 – 4 hours per week to review the lessons and implement their learnings. 

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